Servicing FAQs

We offer many convenient ways for you to make your payment. Simply choose the one that is best for you.

Web Payment – Just sign in to your Capital City Home Loans account and select “Make a Payment”.  There is no charge to make your monthly payment.  You may schedule your payment or pay the same day.

Phone Pay – Call one of our mortgage loan specialist at 1-855-232-8519 and provide a valid debit card which can be processed free of charge to make your payment. This option is for same day posting prior to 4PM.

Pay by Mail – Simply detach the coupon located on the bottom of your monthly statement or included in your closing payment and mail it with your check or money order. The payment address is:

Capital City Home Loans
50 Chastain Center Blvd.
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Yes, in the Your Account section of our Web site, you can:

  • Check Account status
  • Make a secure loan payment
  • Review your tax and insurance details for your property
  • View your loan history

Capital City Home Loans will mail a notification of the sale and transfer directly to you at least 15 days prior to the effective date of the transfer. All payments should be mailed to Capital City Home Loans until such time this document is received. Any payments received after the effective date will be sent over night delivery via federal express to the new servicer. There is no action required on your part.

If you should have any further questions on the transfer of servicing, please contact us at 1-855-232-8519 or email us at

Your monthly billing statement is mailed approximately two weeks prior to your next scheduled due date. If you have not received a billing statement, please do not delay your remittance. Mail your payment to:

Capital City Home Loans
50 Chastain Center Blvd.
Kennesaw, GA 30144

To ensure your monies are posted correctly, please write your loan number on your payment.

Please contact Customer Service at 1-855-232-8519 if you are having trouble receiving your statement. If your loan is in bankruptcy, a billing statement will not be mailed.

For your convenience, the monthly billing statement provides an overview of your account. Your will find payment information, various balances, a billing coupon to accompany your payment and important messages.

You can request updates to your mailing address or contact information by simply writing them on the back of the coupon at the bottom of your statement. Detach and return this coupon with your payment and make sure to check the box on the form to indicate that you made changes to your account information. Or just contact Customer Service at 1-855-232-8519 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.

If you believe believe there has been an error (“Notice of Error”) or if you need additional information (“Request for Information”) or have any questions (QWR) relating to the servicing of your loan, you must send a written NOE, RFI or QWR to the following address:

Capital City Home Loans
50 Chastain Center Blvd.
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Your NOE or RFI must include your name, loan number and sufficient detail to inform us of the basis for your NOE or RFI.

An escrow account is used when Capital City Home Loans disburses your tax and insurance payments on your behalf. The amount in your escrow account is based on the estimated amount necessary to pay these obligations each year. The escrow portion of your monthly loan payment goes into an account to pay for future disbursements of your property taxes and insurance premiums. During the year, payments are made from this account as the bills come due.

Your taxing authority and insurance company determine the amount of your tax and insurance payments. When your loan is escrowed, we take responsibility for administering the payment on your tax and insurance bills: however, the payment liability is still your obligation. If you should receive any notices from your insurance carrier, broker or agent or the taxing authority regarding your payment, please advise us immediately.


An Escrow Analysis helps determine how much money should be deposited into an escrow account to cover future tax and insurance obligations. An annual escrow analysis is performed to determine whether the monthly payment amounts needs to be adjusted higher, lower or not at all. Adjustments would be based on payments that have already been made on your behalf, estimate future amounts and the balance in your escrow account at the time of analysis.

If you feel that there is an error with your escrow account or that an interim analysis maybe necessary due to a recent change with your escrow payments, please submit a request in writing via postal mail or email indicating why a new escrow analysis is necessary and include backup documentation. All correspondence should include:

  • Capital City Home Loans Loan Number
  • Borrower Name
  • Property Address
  • Last four digits of borrower social security number

It is not the policy of Capital City Home Loans to remove an existing escrow account.

If you decide to change your insurance carrier, please do the following to avoid a lapse in coverage:

  • Make sure your policy meets the insurance requirement outlined below
  • Contact your previous insurance carrier to cancel coverage as of the effective date of your new policy or you may not receive a refund of the unearned premium, if one is due.
  • Forward a copy of your new policy to the Escrow Department as soon as possible so we have the most recent information on record. Be sure to have your policy information ready when calling Customer Service at 1-855-232-8519 or email information to


If your policy is canceled, please contact us immediately so we may assist you, if possible. Failure to replace a canceled policy may result in the placement of Force-Placed or Lender Placed Coverage which will then turn into an escrow item and be included in your Escrow payment.

Your insurance policy or policies must meet the following requirements:

  • The dwelling coverage amount of your homeowner’s policy will be sufficient to cover the outstanding unpaid principal balance of your loan.
  • The dwelling coverage amount of a required flood policy will be sufficient to cover the outstanding unpaid principal balance of your loan up to the federal maximum dwelling limit of $250,000.00.
  • The company underwriting your Homeowners policy must meet minimum rating standards through AM BEST
  • The following Mortgagee Clause must appear on your required insurance policies: Capital City Home Loans

Capital City Home Loans, LLC


P.O. Box 2855

Daytona Beach, FL 32120-9904

  • Toll-free telephone number: 855-673-6815
  • Fax number: 248.824.1487

The Express Insurance website ( is available 24/7 via the web, giving borrowers and agents the ability to update homeowner’s insurance policy information.


Loan payoffs must always be in the form of certified funds. If you or your closing agent prefer to wire-transfer instead of sending a cashiers check or other certified funds, follow the detail instructions on your payoff statement.

The payoff statement contains all the information you will need to complete a wire transfer, including the bank name, account and routing numbers along with instruction for Capital City Home Loans upon our bank’s receipt.